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Featured Business Services

Our business services include a complete range of basic services, such as up-to-date, exact cost accounting and general accounts, as well as payroll preparation. We draft tax declarations based on available data and submit these to various offices, while observing deadlines imposed by law and other forms of legal regulations. We also notify our clients regarding their payment obligations within a reasonable timeframe.

These basic services - some of which our clients might not even be aware of - are carried out by our experts with particularly high standards, as these allow us to offer multiple solutions and possibilities to our clients. These fundamentals enable well-informed decision making, complex tax planning, tax consultancy, legal, as well as other services of comfort offered to our clients.



Our accounting services include more than keeping accurate records of accounting according to legal regulations and accounting standards or preparing tax declarations on an expert level. Apart from completing such routine tasks on a daily basis, we aspire to actively participate in processes of rational economic...


Payroll Services

Upon hearing the term ‘payroll’, most people primarily think of wages and various payable mandatory contributions. Payroll services, however, are complex services that require comprehensive knowledge and the constant monitoring and observing of the ever-changing regulations of the payroll system.


Tax Consultancy Services and Preparation of Tax Declarations

In modern day Europe, a company’s expenses include various taxes. In order to assure competitiveness, it is critical to effectively manage such major expense items. One might even say that it has become a ‘strategic...

Featured Legal Services

We are convinced that when addressing an issue, there are always several aspects to take into account. It is impossible to look for a solution in the present economic and legal environment by concentrating only on one single aspect. Hungary utilizes a rather complex and fast-changing system for regulating both taxation and accounting. Keeping track of all these poses a challenge for our clients. It is a common phenomenon that a solution that was acceptable yesterday might be considered obsolete today.

In order to find the appropriate solution and to provide the highest quality of service possible, we need to be able to aid our clients and their decisions expansively, even when it comes to complex questions and issues. This is the reason why our company maintains a strategic cooperation with numerous law firms on the field of legal services.

Our strategic legal partners conduct legal and tax related background checks, tax planning, representation during litigation, out-of-court dispute settlements as well as cases before public authorities and wealth accumulation inspections of both private individuals and companies. They also offer comprehensive legal services on the fields of labour law, corporate law, crisis management, insolvency situations and claims and assets management. Their expertise may be utilized in all life stages of the venture. Setting up a business requires consciousness, careful planning and patience. We designed our services to adapt to the growth of your business. In order to monitor business growth during the process of development, changes are needed in the field of company law within the undertaking, loan applications, client monitoring and receivables management. You may count on us regarding these areas as well.


Starting and Modifying a Business

Our experts may offer you help as early as during the process of planning your business in order to allow you to choose the best form of activity and offer constant support for both you and your business. We can fully undertake the starting of any...


Receivables Management

We monitor the receivables of the company and may collect overdue claims in exchange for success-fees. Our service includes all necessary steps of debt collection: our strategic partners commence the required legal procedures and represent you throughout them.


Delivery Agent

You are required to apply for this service if you are a foreign private individual who has become an executive or manager of a business registered in Hungary. If you are a Hungarian citizen but are permanently away from your home or if your address changes often but want...



Our strategic partners specialize in the main fields of law (corporate law, contract law, labour law, real estate law, tax law, etc.) and may offer comprehensive representation before public authorities or court, with special regard to tax authorities, labour authorities, municipalities and...

Other Services

We would like to make our accounting and legal services even more comprehensive with our convenience services. These services are not closely related to our legal or our accounting services but they represent significant added value:

our clients could become well-informed, more prepared, and they could minimize their business related risks. Our experts can offer extra functions, information and services, making everyday business activities much easier.


Registered Office Services

The problem of choosing an appropriate registered office, or problems originating from lacking one usually arise when a business is getting started or when it is either in start-up or recovery phase. At this point, the most important aspect...


Partner Monitoring, Blacklists

We constantly monitor the financial and legal situation of your partners. This monitoring activity is to help avoid or minimize the chances of you contracting a partner who is insolvent, unfair or who may pose a risk in any other manner.


Newsletter Services, Legislation Monitoring

The hardships a business has to face due to changes in the legal and tax environment are well known. It is important to adapt to changing rules in due time. Instead of constantly reviewing legislation, you can concentrate on...


Billing and other Back Office Services

We can participate in billing processes by using accounting programs recognized and supported by tax authorities as requested by the client. We also guarantee to send the completed documents to the client or partner both electronically and by...

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Company registration no.: 01-09-887678
Tax ID: 14073597-2-42
Seat/Office: RAVAK Business Center H-1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné útja 125/A. 2/215.
Telefon: +36-1-460-3000
Fax: +36-1-460-3009
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8.00-17.00 Friday 8.00-14.00
Managing director: Garamvölgyi Pál CEO

We were primarily looking for an all-rounder company to assist us with company set up, daily accounting tasks, tax return preparation, customer service activities, and generally speaking lift such weights off our shoulders. Our accounting has been in the hands of Taxworld ever since our establishment. We are highly satisfied with them.

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