Tax Consultancy Services and Preparation of Tax Declarations

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Company registration no.: 01-09-887678
Tax ID: 14073597-2-42
Seat/Office: RAVAK Business Center H-1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné útja 125/A. 2/215.
Telefon: +36-1-460-3000
Fax: +36-1-460-3009
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8.00-17.00 Friday 8.00-14.00
Managing director: Garamvölgyi Pál CEO

In the course of our business activities, it is essential to collaborate with professional, reliable, flexible, and prompt partners, who charge fair prices and deliver the highest quality. Regarding our accounting, tax advisory and employment affairs, Taxworld was a perfect find. They support our daily activities with their expertise, flexibility and all-encompassing vigilance. They maintain an outstanding relationship with our team members, as well as our clients and partners. It is a pleasure working with them!

Barbara Ürögdi – Helpers Hungary Ltd.